The Differences Between Shredding Services and Office Paper Shredders

May 24th, 2013

Man Shredding Documents, illustration

Failure to properly shred your company’s documents can result in the theft of your data and the loss of your clients’ confidentiality. In addition, you may run afoul of local laws demanding the destruction of certain types of documents. To properly dispose of your documents, you will need to either purchase your own office shredder or hire a professional shredding company to regularly handle your data. Although both options offer similar end results, the best method will depend on the needs of your company.

The Cost

If you choose to buy a shredder for your office, you’ll have to pay an upfront cost to buy the unit. However, this is not the only cost of your own in-office shredder; if you use your shredder heavily, you may need to pay for regular maintenance and repair services. You will also need to have one of your employees operate the shredder, taking them away from doing other work at the company. However, if you have a small office and don’t frequently need to shred documents, this option may be a more economical solution for your business.

For businesses that must frequently shred material, shredding services are usually the more economical choice. If you choose this option, you won’t need to deal with the costs associated with the upkeep of your own shredder; you’ll just need to pay a fee for the shredding service.

Time Investment

If you choose to use a shredder in your office to dispose of documents, you will need to assign an employee to take charge of the job. Your employee will be unable to work on other tasks while shredding documents, potentially robbing your company’s other departments of the worker’s valuable time. However, some high-end machines will shred continuously without human intervention.

If your employee’s time is important to you, shredding services may provide a better alternative. Shredding companies typically give you a locked container to store your unwanted documents, allowing the company to access your materials without disturbing you. You won’t even need to leave the office to get your materials shredded.


If you hire a professional shredding company, you won’t have the chance to decide the fate of your shredded materials. Asking the company about their disposal methods can help ease your worries. However, if you’re still unconvinced, taking charge of your own shredding will allow you to choose what to do with your shredded materials. In this case, you should consult with your local government to determine how to properly dispose of your documents. Some cities, for example, will accept shredded paper in plastic bags at recycling facilities.

Security of Your Information

Selecting a trustworthy employee to shred your data in the office will ease your concerns about the security of your documents. By keeping your shredding within the confines of your company, you don’t have to worry about someone outside of the company reading your confidential papers. However, if you’re worried about a disgruntled employee taking advantage of your shredded materials, you will either need to handle the shredding yourself or hire a company to do it. A quality shredding service will only hire trustworthy individuals who have passed stringent background checks.

Why Paper Shredding Companies Offer an Eco-Friendly Solution

April 24th, 2013

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As technology builds, it is easier and easier for businesses to go digital and forego all the piles of paperwork that hounded them in the past. However, most businesses haven’t transitioned all the way yet. An environmentally-conscious company will be concerned about what happens to all that paper once it’s no longer needed. This is where paper shredding comes in.

Why not simply recycle your paper? Any eco-friendly company can recycle paper on its own. While this is true, it misses out on the whole reason businesses shred their papers to begin with: security. Companies have long used shredders to dispose of papers that contain sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or addresses and phone numbers for clients. When the papers are simply shipped off to the recycling plant, you’re running a risk that somewhere along the way, someone will see the sensitive personal information on those papers. If someone stole that information, they could potentially use it to steal someone’s identity. If it ever got out that they got that information because your business did not properly dispose of its sensitive information, that would be disastrous. Recycling paper is important, but shredding it beforehand can be just as important.


Using a small paper shredder of your own is fine for smaller businesses who don’t need to dispose of much. Though it’s not as easy to recycle shredded paper on your own, there are still many ways you can repurpose and reuse it. For example, shredded paper makes excellent packing material. Replace the traditional Styrofoam peanuts with shredded paper, and you’ll save on the cost of the materials as well as positively impact the environment. Alternatively, you could compost it. This doesn’t reuse the paper as effectively, but it does allow it to break down naturally and not take up space in a landfill.

For larger businesses, however, this can take up a huge amount of time and effort that would be best spent elsewhere. Professional paper shredding companies work within other businesses to dispose of their paperwork in a secure and eco-friendly manner. After shredding the papers involved, they then take the shreds and make sure to recycle them so they can be used to make more paper. This decreases the need for deforestation, as the paper can be reused over and over. It’s well worth outsourcing this time-consuming task to them and knowing your paper is being disposed of in a security-conscious and eco-friendly manner. Some companies even allow you to track the amount of paper you shred through them and how many trees you save through recycling. These can be great statistics to include on your website or in a brochure to let potential clients know you care about the environment.

Paper shredding is a responsible, eco-friendly option for businesses everywhere to dispose of their paper. With so many companies available to do the hard work for you, all you have to do is sit back and know you have made a choice that will benefit the planet for years to come.

The Role Of Industrial Shredders In Waste Management

January 8th, 2013

Industrial shredders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. There are mobile units designed for community solid waste disposal and there are larger industrial models that handle all of the waste from a manufacturing facility. The many different mechanisms that shredders are able to use allow the machines to handle everything from electronic consumer products to construction debris. Shredders have been an integral part of solid waste management for decades. Improvements in technology have now made the units more accessible and functional than ever before. Shredders provide several advantages when used for waste management.

Lower Operating Costs

Shredders break large pieces of waste down into smaller particles that are easily managed. These particles occupy less space than the original items before shredding, hammering or grinding. This reduces the amount of storage that is required to hold the particles resulting in lower operating costs. This means that facilities can be smaller. A truck will be able to hold a larger amount of waste so that fewer trips are needed to transport the debris to another site. This saves fuel. Landfills or other areas with a limited capacity will not fill up as quickly when industrial waste is shredded. This is in addition to the fact that shredders have lowered in price over the years so that they have become an option for small and medium processing facilities.


Industrial and consumer waste both need to be sorted in certain situations. Some facilities are able to reclaim valuable materials from mixed industrial waste. Consumer waste is often a mix of unpredictable debris that needs to be processed in different ways. Industrial shredders often have integrated or ancillary equipment that allows efficient sorting of a variety of different materials based on many factors. Magnetic systems are able to extract certain types of metal from shredded materials. A sequence of sorting screens will aggregate the debris into particles of different sizes that can be reused in industrial processes. There are also ways to sort by weight. This provides a processor with the ability to divide the shredded material efficiently into the specific categories that are required.

Specialized Materials

Shredders have allowed the processing of special materials that fit within certain specifications so that there is a reduced amount of waste being shipped to landfills. This includes creating industrial products such as agricultural components for compost and aggregates for construction. Proper shredding and sorting creates products that can be moved directly to other industries without additional processing. This has helped to reduce operating costs and has given waste management firms a new source of revenue.


Industrial shredders are a key component in the recycling process for many different categories of waste. Plastics and metals are both recycled through shredding under certain circumstance. One area of recycling where shredders have become invaluable is when dealing with scrap tire rubber. Shredders are able to break down old scrap tires into a form that can be easily packaged and shipped. This has allowed the recycling of millions of scrap tires into usable consumer goods.

How Document Shredding Can Save Your Business

May 30th, 2012

Many people probably believe the suggestion that document shredding could save your business is a tad dramatic.  After all, how could shredding a bunch of papers actually save a business?  In reality, document shredding won’t increase sales or find new suppliers or hire a new CEO, but it certainly can save your business in other ways.  Today more than ever, people are handing over very personal and sensitive information to businesses, which is part of the reason that the art of identity theft is so prevalent.  Without a secure shredding system in place, your business is vulnerable in several different ways.

Businesses these days can get themselves into pretty dicey situations if they neglect document shredding as part of their business practices.  Privacy laws in many different places dictate that shredding be a part of the protocol, and if you aren’t in line you could face fines as a result.  Getting fined isn’t going to ruin your business, but getting fined repeatedly might cause some damage.  It always makes sense to check into the appropriate laws and follow them as closely as you can to avoid getting into trouble.

There are a couple of privacy-related issues that could end up being the end of your business that would be prevented with effective document shredding.  One is with straight up identity theft.  Imagine if some enterprising thief gets his or her hands on some files from your business.  Then, he uses a name, social insurance or social security number, bank account number or some other information to take out tons of credit in that person’s name.  he does it again and again, until the victims find out and it is traced back to you.  Aside from the potential lawsuits that could destroy the business, no one will ever entrust their information to you again.  The customers you do have will run away and never come back, and you won’t be getting any new ones.

If you have any files or papers lying around that contain company secrets, they too could result in the end of the business if they fell into the wrong hands.  Without proper document shredding, a secret formula, recipe, process or system might get into the hands of a competitor or future competitor, and that could be it for you.  Any confidential information that helps to make your business unique has to remain confidential or you could be in trouble.

The best way to facilitate a proper document shredding program is to hire experts who do it everyday.  Shredding companies have their own system and have experience disposing of any type of documents you might have.  If possible look for one that will shred your documents right at your business.  That way, you don’t have to worry about it not getting done properly, because you can see it being done right before your eyes.  When you sign up with a good shredding service, they will put you on a regular shredding schedule so you can be certain your confidential information will never get out for anyone else to see.

Why Paper Shredding Is An Important Part of Doing Business

March 21st, 2012

Shredded PaperOf all of the different processes and functions involved in running a business, paper shredding is one that a lot of people probably don’t consider very important.  After all, shredding old documents isn’t going to bring new customers in or make them spend more or pay the bills. In reality, paper shredding is extremely important and is an integral part of running a successful business.  It may not get the word out or bring new customers in, but it can help you keep the ones you have, and save your business from some serious problems.

Just about every business deals in all sorts of different documents.  From applications to bank statements to credit card numbers to employment records.  Information is exchanged all day everyday, even more now that the internet has become such a big part of business and life.  And with all of that information comes the possibility of people stealing it and with it, someone’s identity.  Effective paper shredding helps you to protect the confidential information that you have about your customers and clients, and ensure that they aren’t victims of identity theft.

Paper shredding is also an important part of your business because in most places it is the law to destroy secure documents.  Keeping on the good side of the law means that you will avoid fines and any other negative consequences that may arise from not obeying the legislation.  In a worst case scenario, the survival of your entire business could be affected if your paper shredding routine isn’t up to par.  If word gets out to the public that you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your customers, you may find that the ones you have will leave and no more come in to take their place.

Giving out personal information and financial information is a potentially big risk for people to take, so it’s crucial to take the steps necessary to respect and protect that information.  Businesses like banks, credit unions, car dealerships, law offices and similar organizations routinely process enough information to keep an industrious criminal busy for life.  The best way to ensure everything is taken care of properly is to hire an outside company to do it for you.

Hiring a company that specializes in paper shredding means that the chances of anyone stealing your confidential information is low.  A good document destruction company will destroy your document so thoroughly that there is no chance of them ever being put back together in their whole form.  The best ones will even shred your papers right on the premises, so you don’t have to worry about the documents leaving the business intact.  If you own or run a business and haven’t thought of document destruction, take the time to get in touch with a paper shredding company and see what they can offer you.  Most will have different pricing structures and scheduling programs to meet all of your needs and destroy your documents in a timely fashion.